Sonant City

Founded by



Fourth Era, Day 34



Sonant City is a major settlement south of New Henilla, and a major commercial center handling traffic in the south.


The city is said to be built originally on the spot of an ancient Auriginian oupost that developed into a town. The town was conquered by the Khazarik Empire sometime around the year 130 BR. The town fell into decay and was overtaken by crime and the many pirate factions operating in the southern regions. Following the arrival of the refugees and the settlement of Henilla, later New Henilla, Mscoree would lead a small army to conquer the slum-like ruins.

Sonant Ciy was founded by Mscoree after conquering the area and bringing law to the land. Mscoree has since employeed the use of police to control the city, and has in turn severally weakened the many pirates, including the Locust Sails organization.

The city has since served as a major point in air and water transportation.