Fourth Era, Day 7
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Fourth Era, Day 26 - Present

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War of NUGA Intervention
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Skihpanelph is an admiral of NUGA and major member of the General Assembly.

Early LifeEdit

Skihpanelph was born in Forum City to a wealthy Auriginian merchant. Rather than follow in his father's foot steps, Skihpanelph left the city and headed north toward New Henilla. Possessing some naval experience, he volunteered in the NUGA Navy after learning of NUGA's tolerance toward Auriginians.

Military ServiceEdit

Skihpanelph was reccommended to an officer's training program after he proved his determination during a severe storm, saving the lives of severl sailors. After the battle of West Henilla Point he was a part of the offensive west toward the Red Desert, where he was promoted to Lieutenant. He served during the Battle of Red Desert, where he helped destroy several attacking airships and naval forces. After the battle he was awarded the Orthoclase Star and promoted to captain. Skihpanelph launched several attacks against the naval forces of Anonymous, serving during the Battle of the Southern Waters. During the battle the commanding admiral, Rulnolinus, was killed. Skihpanelph became admiral of the 4th Fleet shortly after. Skihpanelph successfully led NUGA naval forces during the Battle of Old Rock against Anonymous, and later throughout the Coast War. He fought during Rainden's Raid and many other battles, helping to destroy many pirate strongholds in the south.