Locust Sails

Dates of Operation

128 BR - Present


Okia Deadbeard (128 BR - 135 BR)
Edis Klay (135 BR - Fourth Era, Day 30)
Marvik Nolakkihn (Fourth Era, Day 30 - Present)

Active Region(s)

Meridiem, South Sea

The Locust Sails are a piracy organization operating in the south of GeekCraft near Sonant City. Founded in 128 BR the Locust Sails are one of the later factions of the Ante Novum Era, slowly gaining influence in the southern seas. Following the conquest of Sonant City by the Khazarik Empire in 130 BR the Locust Sails were nearly destroyed, a part for a small number of operatives outside the city. In 135 BR Okia Deadbeard and other pirate chiefs lead an unsuccessful attempt to relinquish Khazarikian rule, ending in Deadbeard's death and the rise of Edis Klay. After the collapse of the empire the Locust Sails prospered, partially ruling the city. Following the arrival of the refugees and exploration of the south, Sonant City was conquered by Mscoree in the year Fourth Era, Day 34. The Locust Sails have mostly declined since the arrival of Mscoree, but continue to have influence to this day.