Khazarik Empire

Native Name

Khask'aravanisk-ri Impierikanz
"Empire of the Horse Clan"




South Neo-Agrian (Official)





Historical Era

Ante Novum

In Existance

64 BR - 170 BR

The Khazarik Empire was a nation operating in the southern area of GeekCraft near modern-day Sonant City and Xerstalinus during the later half of the Ante Novum Era.


The empire was founded in the year 64 BR under Yhiris, the first king, in the city of Sovenisk-Asar after a civil war lasting from 59 BR to that point. Yhiris reformed the city, expelling and executing many of his early critics. The city state was in a constant state of war for almost ten years, until the fall of the Fheria Nation in 74 BR. The Khazarik Empire continued to grow, gaining some stability. In the year 83 BR the Corvis Nation attacked the Khazarikians, beginning the West War. That following year at the first battle of the war, the Battle of Sleeping Hills, Yhiris was killed, forcing his army into retreat. The son of Yhiris, Basdahl ascended to the throne, taking the army west again, and capturing Ancient Xerstalinus. In the year 88 BR the Corvisians fell, leaving the Khazarik Empire as the supreme nation of the south.

Around the year 130 BR the outpost that would later become Sonant City was captured by King Hinhlesrinal.

By 170 BR the empire was in decay and eventually collapsed to the hordes of pirate factions and rival ribes.