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Second Era, Day 6


Second Era, Day 34

Iceburg, founded after the first purge, quickly grew into the largest city during the second era. It is estimated to be the second largest city ever, behind Beckerton. The traditional people of Iceburg, and all the northern region during the Second Era were the Bourgians.


Iceburg was founded by Mscoree shortly after the first purge. By Second Era, Day 13 the city became home to almost all residence in GeekCraft, and that same year the First Ops' Council took in Iceburg. The agenct I.C.E. was also founded in the city, operating as a police and special task force in the city.

In the year Second Era, Day 17, Mscoree, the founder and leader of the president was falsely convicted, under his orders, as not to alert the hidden wizard that he was undercover. The hidden criminal, unknown at the time, was xXF3ARXLEGENDXx, who siezed control of the city, beginning what many call the "Dark Times". xXF3ARXLEGENDXx's dictatorship lasted until Second Era, Day 26 when Mscoree's evidence finally proved that xXF3ARXLEGENDXx was the wizard all along, using his position as ruler to smuggle more TNT to his operatives. Knowing this xXF3ARXLEGENDXx was finally executed that year.

In the battle to retake the city, much is destroyed. Mscoree, who was pardonned and his position returned, begins rebuilding the city. The city once again was prosperous, enduring through many terrist acts, and rivial attacks, until the fourth purge.