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Third Era, Day 7


Third Era, Day 16


GeekCraft, Hoth

Hoth, founded during the Third Era was a major commercial center, and one of the largest and most populous. Modern estimates place it as the third largest of all time, behind Iceburg as second, and Beckerton as first, both in terms of population and area.


Founded by Mscoree after fleeing The Mission, the city quickly grew, as many Bourgians and Scitians fled to the city. The city became a commercial hub, as its strategic location between the Black Towers, The Tree House, Norkodia, and many other settlements.

The city was under constent attack from BlackHawk's Horde and other small raiding parties. On Third Era, Day 11, the city nearly went to war with The Black Towers during The Central Missile Crisis. Hoth dropped its claims after its recognization as a satellite on Day 12.

Insulted by the treatment of Hothians traveling throughout the continent, and constant attacks, Mscoree led an army of several Hoth soldiers in the Central War, in which Hoth declared itself a sovereign nation. Every battle was a win for Hoth, including the siege of The Black Towers and The Battle of Little Snake Stream, but Hoth's failure to find the Hidden city resulted in the war ending poorly for Hoth. On Third Era, Day 16 Hoth is razed. These events would later lead to the creation of New Hoth.