Founded by

Mscoree, Mscoree Industries


Fourth Era, Day 6


Fourth Era, Day 10

Henilla, founded as a part of Mscoree Industries property, is a tropical colony far to the south, known for its deep coal mines and extraction of other precious resources.

Founded by Mscoree as a mining colony where people could start anew, the colony is currently the number one producer of extracted ore in GeekCraft.

Triad Industries (a rival company) noticed the value in this colony and promptly sent agents to sabotage Mscoree Industries foothold on this important landmass. Mscoree himself anticipated this and managed to thwart all of Triad Industries plans in less than a day.

On Fourth Era, Day 10 Daultz, poccessed by the magic of Hazar, destroyed the city and much of the surrounding area. Mscoree would later found New Henilla in its place.