Welcome to the GeekCraft WikiEdit

GeekCraft is a Minecraft Bukkit server dedicated to fun, adventure, and architecture. Many adventures have already begun, and here we document the journeys and sagas of past heroes, and the future of GeekCraft as a whole.

Tossed across space and time, the survivors of the fifth purge arrive in the new GeekCraft, and must now forge a new existance in the never-forgiving lands around them. Quickly, as more refugees arrive, cities are built, spanning whole continents and demonstrating the ingenuity of mankind. The mainland to the southeast is a barren winter wasteland, and many trade routes prefer the southern waters, where colonies have begun to spread.

Will your legacy be? One of a fearsome pirate? A brave explorer? A capitalist billionaire calling the shots? You decide.

Check out the Timeline page for an up-to-date history of our server.


... NUGA stands for New United GeekCraft Alliance?