There are many different official ethnic groups listed in GeekCraft. Many groups are noted as existing before the fifth purge, and since then there is little uniqueness amoung individuals in terms of ethnic background

First-Second EraEdit

Scitians-The Scitians are noted as the people originating, and migrated from the center city and places such as Easten. These people were the primary group throughout the first era and most of the second, traditionally ruling over most of GeekCraft. Famous Scitians include: Geekman7473, Branbran64, Ted, and Minergirl.

Soutins -The Soutins are noted as Scitians who in the early first era, migrated far to the south, settling in the forrest south of the center city. Famous Soutins include: Juwayyid and Ima_Pig

Bourgians-The Bourgians were a diverse people who migrated from places such as Easten further north, settling what is today Iceburg. The name also applies to northerners even before the founding of Iceburg in the second era. Famous Bourgians include: Mscoree

Third EraEdit

Norkidians-The Norkidians are described as the native people of the northeast and those migrating there after the Fourth Purge.

Hothians-The Hothians are noted as the natives of the Hoth and much of the central region.

Agrenians- The Agrenians are a group of people noted as the descendents of the Scitians and Soutins, encompassing most of GeekCraft during this time. This term is often used to describe all inhabitants of GeekCraft, other then those in the main central region and parts of the northest.

Fourth EraEdit

Auriginans- The Auriginans are the original inhabitants of the fourth GeekCraft, created by The Admin. Most Auriginans came from the south, near New Henilla. Famous Auriginans include: Levis Makwel, Hazar, and Kazman Jiphafgar.

Minoginans- The Minoganins are the original people near the north-west, closely related to the Auriginans.

Refnues- The Refnues are the descendents of the refugees arriving in GeekCraft after the fifth purge.