Central War


Third Era, Day 15 - Third Era, Day 25


Hoth, Central GeekCraft, East GeekCraft


Destruction of Hoth and The Tree house, Creation of New Hoth



GeekCraft Alliance:
The Hidden City, The Black Tower, The Tree House, Norkodia, other small city states



Geekman7473, Branbran64, Ima_Pig, Ted

The Central War was a major conflict fought during the Third Era between Hoth and those loyal to the alliance.


Throughout the main part of the Third Era the city of Hoth was under constant threat from BlackHawk's Horde and other enemy tribes, resulting in the cities partial destruction in the Third Era, Day 9. Tired of this constant war and lack of support from the alliance, Mscoree, the city leader commissioned an elaborate defense system, sparking The Central Missile Crisis. The city eventually withdrew partially on Day 12 after recieving promises of greater support from the alliance. On Third Era, Day 14 Hoth was declared a satellite of GeekCraft, allowing less restraint.


Beginning of War

On Third Era, Day 15, Mscoree, after realizing that all of Geekman7473's promises would not be filled, declared Hoth an independent state, raising a militia to fight the alliance. Mscoree's forces met the combined forces of Branbran64 and Ima_pig at The Siege of The Black Tower. Within a few hours the alliance soldiers were in full retreat, and the Hothians took the tower. Mscoree pursed the fleeing soldiers, meeting at the battle of Little Snake Stream. The alliance soldiers still in formation were surrounded and annhilated, and The Tree House was razed.


Mscoree's troops withdrew back to Hoth with news that Ted was leading an army from the Hidden City. Agents working in Hoth, combined with support from BlackHawk destroyed Hoth on Third Era, Day 16. Mscoree led his remaining army out of the city where they were attack at the battle of Hedgegrove Lane. The battle lasted throughout the night, and when the sun rose the Hothians were still holding the hill. The alliance withdraw back to the Hidden City, leaving Mscoree an opportunity to take Norkodia. On Third Era, Day 17 Norkodia falls to Mscoree. Hoth, now controling most of the east and central regions, heads back west in pursue of the Hidden City, the last, major installment in the alliance. Mscoree's army scouts out much of the northwest cape, finding the future site that would one day be New Hoth. Disgruntalled by their failure to find the alliance army, Mscoree falls back east.


Peace was never negotiated, and the war would rage on if not for the fifth purge. Many refugees accompanied the Hothian exodus to New Hoth, forging the last great city in the third era. The Black Towers were eventually reclaimed by Branbran64 and partially rebuild, being the only providence to do so.