BlackHawk's Horde was a name given to a loose band of raiders and theives operating around the classical borders of Hoth during the Third Era. The group gets its name from BlackHawk, their undisputed leader and known criminal in the city of Hoth.

BlackHawk made a living throughout the Third Era harrassing trade routes and raiding Hoth, climaxing on Third Era, Day 9 when BlackHawk attempted to annex the city of Hoth and create his own tyrannic nation. Hothians led by Mscoree retook the city, pushing back BlackHawk to his many hideouts to the south.

Another notable raid led by BlackHawk was on Third Era, Day 14. Although little was accomplished by the horde, this event would later trigger the Central War. BlackHawk continued to operate throughout the war, however, after the exodus to New Hoth, BlackHawk was never seen or heard from again, and is believed to have been killed during an unsuccessful raid to the northwest.