Founded by

Geekman7473, Mscoree, Millgy, Daultz, Bunny Carter


Fourth Era, Day 1



Beckerton is a major city located on the west island. As of Fourth Era, Day 6, it is estimated Mscoree Industries owns over 75% of the city. The city is the site of the FASTIA stock exchange, MI HQ, and several other famous landmarks.


The city was founded in Fourth Era, Day 1 by refugees arriving after the fifth purge. The city quickly grew as more and more refugees arrived. Beckerton is one of the largest cities ever built in GeekCraft.

On Fourth Era, Day 9 the skilled wizard and cult of Nevenhaz member, Hazar, unleased a large monster army on the city, starting The Battle for Beckerton. The humans managed to retake the city, but much of the city was damaged.